The first ever bottle of organic carrot juice was sold in Zurich in 1957. Biotta now sells over thirty different products – from classic juices to its new veggie range. One recent addition is Vegetable Garden, a blend of 5 root vegetables from East Switzerland.
A trailer filled to the top with crunchy, juicy carrots turns the corner around the lodge. A frequent occurrence at harvest time – when more than 30 farmers deliver their organic vegetables directly to the Biotta AG site on the south bank of Lake Constance. Martin Lussi is amongst their number. He farms 32 hectares of land, and supplies Biotta with carrots, beetroot and potatoes. Radishes and celery are then added to these vegetables to create the new Biotta juice “Vegetable Garden”. The juice contains absolutely nothing other than 5 natural and freshly pressed root vegetables from organic farms in Switzerland.

Supporting organic agriculture in Switzerland – promoting flavour!
Since the day the Biotta factory was founded, sustainability has been on the top of the agenda. Which is why we have always used nothing but freshly pressed juices from organic products. Reconstituted concentrates might be cheaper and easier to transport – but you won’t find them in a single Biotta bottle. “Supporting organic agriculture in Switzerland is something we care deeply about,” explains Clemens Rüttimann, managing director of Biotta. “Our new Vegetable Garden juice pays tribute to the hard work of countless organic farmers.” With regard to flavour, the new juice is completely in line with Biotta traditions: 100% pure organic vegetables, freshly pressed – and naturally without additives. The unique blend of potatoes, carrots, radishes, beetroot and celery embodies the pure taste of Switzerland, and is a rich source of natural potassium. Warmed a little, it doubles as a quick soup – simple, down to earth and very tasty.