Biotta Purple Carrot is 100% natural

The pure juice is made from premium organic carrots and is characterised by valuable nutrients and an intense flavour.

  • up to the 17th century, these were the most common form of carrot
  • just as packed with vitamins as their orange siblings, but with four times as much antioxidant potential
  • now marketed as the new "superfoo"
  • a recent study confirms that the juice of black carrots combats metabolic syndrome, including high blood pressure – the most prevalent disorder of the 21st century


The special properties of purple carrots

  • Naturally rich in anthocyanin

Anthocyanins are secondary plant substances, so-called bioflavonoids, found in blue, purple, red or blue-back vegetables or fruits. They are some of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, protecting our cells against aging and degeneration

  • Contains various carotenoids, including lutein

Carotenoids protect our skin and our eyes. Lutein is also a carotenoid. It is found in high doses in the retina. It has an antioxidising effect, and protects our eyes from free radicals, amongst other things.

Available as of: January 2016

New certification

We’re delighted to have received yet more certification following bio.inspecta controls. With immediate effect, we are now certified in accordance with Canadian Organic Products Regulations, which will appear in future on our labels for the US market.

The organisation "Non-GMO-Project" has also certified our entire range of products for the USA and Canada. This label is of great interest for the market in America, and hence also for us. Click here to read our press release with more information.