Biotta Wild Mountain Cranberry is special because it’s not made with cranberries. It’s made with mountain cranberries (lingonberries). Mountain cranberries are smaller than normal cranberries, and have to be harvested manually in a laborious process – unlike normal cranberries, which are considerably larger, and are harvested by machines or by flooding  the fields. But why take so much effort with mountain cranberries? Because in our opinion they taste better – and, an even more important argument, they contain four times as many tannins. These valuable ingredients protect the body, and particularly the bladder, against bacteria. Which is why people drink mountain cranberry juice to prevent cystitis (bladder infection). Here in Switzerland, we collaborate with the Frauenfeld Bladder Centre, which uses our juice to support courses of treatment and also as a preventative measure.

But Biotta Wild Mountain Cranberry juice is special for yet more reasons. We use only the very best organic forest mountain cranberries which grow in the wilds. These are carefully and patiently plucked by hand by farmers and their families in Europe’s largest forest area in the Carpathian Mountains. We attach great importance to supporting this sustainable harvest culture, which has continued over so many generations.

So as you can see, there’s a story behind every Biotta juice.... Find out more in the attached media reports, and also coming soon to our website.