Message from the CEO

Dear partners,

The first Biotta carrot juice was sold in a small pharmacy in Zurich in 1957. This is where the Biotta success story began. Because not only did the Swiss quickly acquire a taste for these natural juices from Lake Constance; other countries soon began to clamour for them too. Today, we’re delighted – and a little proud – that our products are available in 33 countries.

At the same time, this fortunate circumstance brings with it an obligation: to constantly keep you up to date on the latest developments and new products in the company. To do so more effectively in the future, we’ll be sending you our export newsletter from now on. This newsletter will tell you all about exciting and relevant subjects to do with the manufacture of juice, about our products and our export team, and hopefully bring us closer to you.

We hope you enjoy the read, and also wish you a successful summer! If you have any feedback or ideas, I’ll be delighted to hear them.

Clemens Rüttimann


Dear partners,

Welcome to our first ever export newsletter! I’m truly delighted to be able to share with you via this newsletter our latest news plus background information on Biotta. At last we can tell you a little more about our daily work and about the things that are happening in our company which affect us and you. From now on, we’ll be sending you our newsletter every three months. It contains a number of columns, some of which will be "regulars". In every newsletter, for example, we’ll put the spotlight on one Biotta juice, explain the idea behind it and describe the characteristics that make it special. We’ll also be reporting regularly on subjects which are relevant to exports, and picking up on current ideas.

And naturally, this first issue also contains a portrait of the export team. So you can find out a little more about the people you otherwise perhaps only know from telephone or email contact.

We hope you enjoy the read and find it informative! Please contact me if you have any feedback, criticism or ideas for subjects you’d like us to cover. We’d also be delighted to receive photos of your favourite Biotta store or a special Biotta campaign. I’m sure we’ll be able to find a space for any such pictures in our next newsletter!

Warm greetings from Switzerland

Stan Ebneter


Biotta introduces itself

The export team

Heidi Schweizer

Age: 46
Responsible for: Customer service & support | Order processing
With Biotta since: January 2013
Hobbies/interests: Reading, travelling, motorcycling, hiking, skiing, my cats
Motto: "Give every day the chance to be the best day of your life"


Regina Ficarra

Age: 56
Responsible for: Customer service & support | Order processing
With Biotta since: November 2011
Hobbies/interests: Reading, family, nature
Motto: "The best is never behind us, it’s always ahead!"


Stan Ebneter

Age: 53
Responsible for: Marketing & sales matters | Customer service & support
With Biotta since: November 2014
Hobbies/interests: Sport in general – tennis in particular, travelling, spas, camper van trips
Motto: "You can get it if you really want"


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Did you know...?

The advantages of lacto-fermented vegetable juice

Lacto-fermentation is a traditional method for preserving foodstuffs such as the typical German Sauerkraut or different sour milk and soy products. During the fermentation process, some of the natural sugar is degraded by natural lacto acid bacteria into lactic acid. During this conversion of sugars into lactic acid, the pH of the foodstuff is reduced and its shelf life increases significantly.

For the production of lacto-fermented vegetable juice, select and specialized lacto acid bacteria are added to the vegetable juice. The temperature and time have to be exactly right in order for sugars to turn into natural lactic acid.

The lacto-fermentation of vegetable juices has the following advantages:

  1. Food safety: no growth of pathogenic micro organisms is possible at this low pH.
  2. Sensory: The low pH allows pasteurisation (appr. 90 – 95°C for 1 min) to occur. The natural flavour and colours are preserved.
  3. Nutrition: Vitamins are less degraded.
  4. Digestion: Lactic acid improves the resorption of minerals from the intestine and stimulates the growth of lactic acid bacteria in the intestine. Lactic acid activates digestion and the body’s immune system.
  5. Declaration: “Clean Label”: neither additives nor other ingredients are used.
  6. Certification: Lactic acid: is “vegan”, since it is degraded sugars from vegetables.


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Juice in the spotlight

Biotta Wild Mountain Cranberry is special because it’s not made with cranberries. It’s made with mountain cranberries (lingonberries). Mountain cranberries are smaller than normal cranberries, and have to be harvested manually in a laborious process – unlike normal cranberries, which are considerably larger, and are harvested by machines or by flooding  the fields. But why take so much effort with mountain cranberries? Because in our opinion they taste better – and, an even more important argument, they contain four times as many tannins. These valuable ingredients protect the body, and particularly the bladder, against bacteria. Which is why people drink mountain cranberry juice to prevent cystitis (bladder infection). Here in Switzerland, we collaborate with the Frauenfeld Bladder Centre, which uses our juice to support courses of treatment and also as a preventative measure.

But Biotta Wild Mountain Cranberry juice is special for yet more reasons. We use only the very best organic forest mountain cranberries which grow in the wilds. These are carefully and patiently plucked by hand by farmers and their families in Europe’s largest forest area in the Carpathian Mountains. We attach great importance to supporting this sustainable harvest culture, which has continued over so many generations.

So as you can see, there’s a story behind every Biotta juice.... Find out more in the attached media reports, and also coming soon to our website.

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Biotta Purple Carrot is 100% natural

The pure juice is made from premium organic carrots and is characterised by valuable nutrients and an intense flavour.

  • up to the 17th century, these were the most common form of carrot
  • just as packed with vitamins as their orange siblings, but with four times as much antioxidant potential
  • now marketed as the new "superfoo"
  • a recent study confirms that the juice of black carrots combats metabolic syndrome, including high blood pressure – the most prevalent disorder of the 21st century


The special properties of purple carrots

  • Naturally rich in anthocyanin

Anthocyanins are secondary plant substances, so-called bioflavonoids, found in blue, purple, red or blue-back vegetables or fruits. They are some of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, protecting our cells against aging and degeneration

  • Contains various carotenoids, including lutein

Carotenoids protect our skin and our eyes. Lutein is also a carotenoid. It is found in high doses in the retina. It has an antioxidising effect, and protects our eyes from free radicals, amongst other things.

Available as of: January 2016

New certification

We’re delighted to have received yet more certification following bio.inspecta controls. With immediate effect, we are now certified in accordance with Canadian Organic Products Regulations, which will appear in future on our labels for the US market.

The organisation "Non-GMO-Project" has also certified our entire range of products for the USA and Canada. This label is of great interest for the market in America, and hence also for us. Click here to read our press release with more information.

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In our next newsletter, you can read:

  • A commentary on the situation of the Swiss currency
  • Did you know...? Rolling forecasts
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